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Hey! Say! JUMP (HSJ or JUMP) is a nine-member Japanese boy band under the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates. The name "Hey! Say!" refers to the fact that all the members were born in the Heisei period, and JUMP is an acronym for "Johnny's ultra music power. The group is split into two sub-groups: Hey! Say! BEST and Hey! Say! 7".

(Hey! Say! BEST): Kota Yabu, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo, Hikaru Yaotome, Daiki Arioka

(Hey! Say! 7):Keito Okamoto, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuto Nakajima, Yuri Chinen.

The video contains the English translation of the song (Translated by Xai Ninomiya Yamada). The translation is in the end of the song, when the song is finished. You need to use "pause" for getting enough time to read it, because the translation appears in a few seconds.
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